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Where do you like to ride in the greater Houston area?  One of our favorite places is Pundt Park.  As soon as the weather cools off enough, I plan to go back.  Would you like to join me?  Here’s some pics from the Winter.

The trails are well marked, easy, but many still look natural.

Blue enjoys the river crossings, which we do back and forth for hours.  Going aways upstream and then up along the river banks and back across to the next sandy area.

Blue loves to splash in the water until we are ALL wet.

Back on the white sandy beaches and ready to find another trail.  There are numerous named trails which are dedicated to horse riders.  If you cross a paved bridge which goes into another park, you will find multiuse trails.  But they are still non-motorized.  My horses were a little afraid of the bicycles at first, although I enjoy sensitivity training and that is all part of the fun for me.  I prefer not to ride in motorized traffic because even if the horse doesn’t spook there is still an element of real danger.  Additionally across the bridge there are also more horse trails dedicated to horseback riders.

My husband, Steve, is the photographer riding Honey.  Both Blue and Honey are Missouri Fox Trotters.  We decided on gaited horses because our old bones like the smoothe ride.  However, I have owned several Quarter Horses, an Arabian, a Tennessee/Morgan, and several ponies, both when I was a child and when my children were growing up. I admire all breeds of horses. Now we have grandchildren learning to ride, as you may have seen on an earlier blog in Jamaica.

Also you can see from this picture that it is a good reminder of the drought.  Before that, this was a greener park.  Hopefully it will all come back.

I don’t know if you can see them in this picture, but there were literally thousands of Monarch butterflies gracing the trail a couple times when we were riding here.  They aren’t there all the time.

Time for a lunch break for us and the horses…. then more riding and then….

Time to unsaddle and go home to a warm bath…. okay, after grooming, feeding, cleaning up tack and horse trailer, but you know how that goes.

In any case, check out these nice hitching posts at the parking area. It is plenty large enough for big rigs to turn around in.  (I only dream of having one of them. Not that I could drive it anyways).

Hope you enjoyed this story.  I would love to hear about some of the local places you ride as well as your longer trips.

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Yeah Mon!  We had a great time in Jamaica!

Land Ho! Austin with Jamaica in the background.

Made it!

Here are lush tropical forests. Our wrangler, Cleve, was great about pointing out the tropical fruit trees, such as banana, bamboo and sugar cane.

We rode past some ancient ruins as well as an old pier.


Polo field on the right. The horses that we rode were retired polo ponies. No worries for the inexperienced rider, though. They were well mannered and not in any hurry for speed. Of course, we went in August on a hot day. Not sure how they would be on a cool day. Our wrangler rode a young horse he was just training to be a polo pony.

Some old ruins of sugar cane plantation.

Gentle horses on rocky roads, climbing a hill. Notice ocean still in view.

One of few pics with Steve, my husband. He’s usually the photographer.

Time to cool off now! Switch saddles out for bareback pads.

Lots of horses swimming.

Hey there! Want to join me?

So refreshing!

Poor horse, sorry for those trips to the cruise buffet the last two days!

Is her horse getting tired, too? Guess it’s time to quit swimming.

All over already? Austin on 2nd horse.

Now for the rest of the cruise… notice short lines… easy to board at ports. This is end of our 1st excursion and after 1 1/2 days at sea. Next up… scuba in the Grand Caymans. I know this is a horse blog, but if you have family members who are non-riders or if you like to mix it up, I’m including the other excursions.

First, a peak at our cabin. More roomy than the Norweigen cruise cabin I had in Hawaii. But it could be the type of room. Here we just had a port hole. In Hawaii we had a balcony. In any case, we had three beds, the one we are sitting on is oriented in a different direction. We had 4 large closets and two bathrooms. If you want to know more about it, call me.

No cruise is complete without a towel bunny.

Here is where we spent most of our time on board when not at entertainment or pools.

Had to do the corkscrew water slide before any more meals.

Day 2 of Excursions.. Grand Cayman for Scuba Diving.

And now for Cayman… had to take a tender over to it.

And we’re off looking for pretty corals and fish, hoping to find Austin’s favorite, a sea turtle….

Woohoo! We found one!

This was so much prettier than the picture. Unfortunately, we had to limit our luggage and we brought along all our personal dive gear. I just feel safer that way. But Steve couldn’t bring his underwater lights because of lack of room. With them the colors are beautiful. He has pictures on display at UT Med Center in Houston. If you’d like some really great underwater pictures, just ask me.

Pretty fish.

Feathery corals.

Anemone… and we saw Nemo in it, too, but not caught on picture.

Brain coral.

And now off to the Cozumel for Parasailing!  Day 3 of Excursions.

Hey aren’t these supposed to clip on somewhere?

uh oh!

Nice, soft clouds.

Steve in air taking pictures of a another parasailing boat and sail.

View of the boat from the sail in the air.

So, the guide in the boat said he couldn’t dip us because of too many sharks in the water. I could see them from the air.

Steve taking a picture of from the air.

Getting seranaded.

Enjoying our yard long margarita’s…. or how Steve almost didn’t make it back to the ship. But that’s another story.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoyed it.  We’re off to Alaska next with our grandson, Devon, but no horse riding on that trip.  Devon doesn’t like it.

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